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As board-certified endodontists, at Chesapeake Endodontic Center in Annapolis, MD, our doctors specialize in performing root canal therapy, both surgical and nonsurgical. Endodontic therapy can save a tooth that has suffered damage, preventing the need for extraction and replacement. In addition, it helps relieve the intense tooth pain that is associated with extensive decay or trauma. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and remaining abreast of advancements in the endodontic field, we make treatment as comfortable and effective as possible for our patients.

Nonsurgical root canal therapy in Annapolis, MD

Why Choose a Board-Certified Endodontist?

An endodontist specializes in root canal treatment. Our board-certified doctors are highly trained in endodontic care and have years of experience perfecting their practice. Because endodontics are our sole focus, we are able to concentrate on making the procedure as effective, precise, and comfortable for the patient as possible. Through continuing education and utilizing the latest, cutting-edge technology, we stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring our patients the best possible results.

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